Art on Stacks

In the dynamic world of web3, the Stacks ecosystem has emerged as a pioneering force. Stacks, often denoted as STX, stands as a unique player in the landscape, bridging the world of Bitcoin and smart contracts. This article delves into the intersection of Stacks, Bitcoin and non-fungible tokens, exploring the curated, high-quality digital art scene thriving within the Stacks ecosystem.

The Stacks blockchain

At the core of the Stacks ecosystem lies the Stacks blockchain, operating in synergy with the Bitcoin network. This collaboration allows for the creation and trading of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, an unconventional approach that expands the functionality of the Bitcoin network beyond its traditional boundaries.

The concept of Bitcoin NFTs was first realized through Stacks, before the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals, leveraging the security of the Bitcoin blockchain while introducing smart contract functionality. This unique approach ensures a high level of security and transparency.

Stacks uses the Proof-of-Transfer (PoX) consensus mechanism, enhancing the security of the Stacks network by anchoring it to the Bitcoin blockchain (which uses the Proof-of-Work consensus). Additionally, the use of Clarity, a language specifically designed for smart contracts on Stacks, ensures transparency and reliability in the execution of decentralized apps (DApps) and NFT-related transactions.

The Stacks blockchain has its own cryptocurrency, the STX token, which can be purchased through crypto exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. Users can also purchase a .btc domain (BNS) for their decentralized identity on Stacks.

Leather wallet and Xverse wallet support Stacks as well as Bitcoin Ordinals, letting you keep all your Bitcoin NFTs in one place.

NFTs on Stacks

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that are issued on a blockchain such as Ethereum (ETH), Stacks (STX) or Solana (SOL).

The Stacks art movement within the Stacks ecosystem has garnered attention for its commitment to high-quality, curated digital assets. Using Stacks to mint their NFTs ensures that both artists and buyers enjoy the assurance that the artwork is safeguarded by Bitcoin. This approach minimizes the additional energy demands associated with NFT minting, as Stacks repurposes electricity previously utilized to secure Bitcoin.

Notable projects on Stacks include Megapont, Project Indigo, The Explorer Guild, and many more. Let's take a look at a few of the key art projects on Stacks.

Megapont Ape Club is a collection of 2500 pixel art NFTs, and a fictional universe in which advanced scientific mutations accelerated the evolutions of every species on Earth.

Project Indigo, also pixel art, is a collection of 3000 wasteland NFT avatars built on Stacks,. The avatars are involved in an epic interactive post-apocalyptic story. Enjoy a live creator session with the artist behind Project Indigo on Gamma's Youtube Channel.

The CrashPunks collection was created by Grace Ng, an entrepreneur and artist who uses emerging technologies to create art that inspires human potential. The collection comprises 9216 NFTs inspired by sci-fi, anime, and crypto culture. 

The Explorer Guild by is a collection of 3000 NFTs. These digital collectibles unlock premium features on, a Web3 platform made for Web3 writers. The project was the first to use NFTs to fundraise on Stacks.

Blocks, embeds binary messages in unique colorful grids. Each NFT is a completely different set of squares with individual messages further defining rarity. In this generative art collection, each grid, color, and pattern is random. 

Stacks NFT marketplaces is a home for creators and collectors. The platform specialises in Bitcoin Ordinals and Stacks NFTs, collectibles and digital art. Gamma offers three core products - a launchpad, a user-first marketplace, and a social hub for web3 communities-, offering options for minting, selling, buying and auctioning NFT tokens. The platform helps collectors discover incredible NFT collections and helps promote curated works from unique creators who share their story.

Gamma offers the highest liquidity and user base on Stacks, making it the leading NFT marketplace in the Stacks ecosystem.

This Is Number One

Stacks marketplace and art gallery This Is Number One empowers artists to leverage Bitcoin as a creative tool for crafting curated artistic experiences spanning digital art, music, and multimedia. The platform launched on the Stacks network in early 2021, featuring an array of globally acclaimed superstars such as Fatboy Slim, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), and Orbital. In a significant milestone, This Is Number One achieved the sale of the inaugural commercial Stacks Bitcoin NFT in July 2021, marking a collaborative effort between the artist Chemical X and model Cara Delevingne.


Tradeport, formerly known as Byzantion, is the 2nd largest NFT trading platform on the Stacks blockchain. The platform has a multi-chain offering, with Stacks, NEAR and Sui.

Looking ahead

As the Stacks network continues to evolve, its potential in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, scalability enhancements, and ability to coexist with other blockchain networks like Ethereum and Solana becomes increasingly evident.

The Stacks blockchain's unique integration with Bitcoin, coupled with its dedication to high-quality, curated content, positions it as a key player in the NFT art world.

The advent of sBTC will also be a game-changer for Stacks. sBTC, distinct from SBTC (Super Bitcoin), represents an innovative synthetic asset crafted to facilitate a trustless two-way Bitcoin peg system. This mechanism plays a pivotal role in actualizing the comprehensive vision of Stacks, providing a means for trustless interactions with the Bitcoin network. Stay tuned for developments!

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